Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

We are living in unstable times. The past few years have caused an awakening in our spirit, thinking and actions. Currently, there are communication gaps that limit our ability to arrive at solutions. People are afraid to have difficult conversations. We need to provide a safe space to encourage open and honest dialogue. In order to effect change, we need to be more diverse in the way we collaborate and communicate. To achieve this goal will require our interacting with people from diverse backgrounds (demographics, race, gender, etc.). To bring about change, we need to be the vessel for the change we seek.

In 2020, the Black Live Matter (BLM) movement brought attention to the fact that minorities are still underrepresented in many industries, including advertising and marketing. Forbes Magazine completed a study based on data from 165 advertising and marketing agencies and more than 40, 000 employees. The study revealed that black employees make up just 5.8% of the industry. Of that percentage, the majority work in an entry-level or administrative position and just 4% are vice presidents or higher.

At The Nitrous Effect, we have made DEI a part of our business ethos and processes. We believe this strategy encourages a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all. As we imagine our initiatives for 2021 and beyond, we will use DEI as a paradigm to recruit and support more people with diverse backgrounds, worldviews and experiences. We have identified five important ways we hope to expand DEI within our organization and the greater community:

  • Create DEI initiatives the team can rally behind and that are relevant to the diverse talent we want to attract.
  • Provide valuable service opportunities to the team. 
  • Connect our strategic communications expertise across agencies to cultivate and promote thought leadership. 
  • Implement a more robust recruitment program to encourage a diverse hiring pool.
  • Encourage interest in strategic communications and storytelling as a career goal and valuable skill in marketing and advertising.