Vidzu Media’s Interactive Media Process

by Nitrous Effect onFebruary 28, 2019

Vidzu Media is thrilled to announce the debut of their new interactive experience, Block of Wood, found at The Block of Wood process utilizes exciting new technology and a branching narrative format to create innovative, interactive content for a myriad of formats. To visualize the process of creating a piece of content from idea to completion, the Vidzu Media team invented a sample client, Block of Wood, to create original content around. Viewers of the interactive experience can choose different elements to be included in the finished Block of Wood content and are then served up a fully-produced 30-second project based on their choices. With many possible outcomes, viewers are rewarded through multiple viewings of the experience. Interactive video has been an exciting recent advancement for marketers because it holds viewers’ attention much more effectively than traditional video, making them active participants rather than passive viewers. Vidzu Media’s stated mission is to collaborate and invent. Venturing into the interactive arena is a natural next step for content creation and view experience. ...Read More

Top Corporate Event Production Trends in 2019

by Nitrous Effect onFebruary 1, 2019

Nitrous Effect’s corporate events and engagement company, CPG, recently reviewed some of the top emerging trends for the industry going into 2019.  Find out how these new tools and technologies can help build on successful past planning strategies—elevating future events to a new level of value for their clients…

Top 7 Corporate Event Production Trends for 2019 & Beyond

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Digital Needs Physical

by Nitrous Effect onSeptember 25, 2018

It’s no surprise marketers have been making significant efforts to shift their focus to digital and social marketing.  And, why wouldn’t they? More than half of all media dollars are spent online. Hyper-connected consumers are online and on mobile in ever growing numbers. But in today’s content cluttered world, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to connect with consumers beyond a digital relationship. To not just say things, but to do things.

A powerful trend is emerging in the digital age, brand experiences that come to life in the physical world.  Events engage all five senses and physically immerse… ...Read More