It’s no surprise marketers have been making significant efforts to shift their focus to digital and social marketing.  And, why wouldn’t they? More than half of all media dollars are spent online. Hyper-connected consumers are online and on mobile in ever growing numbers. But in today’s content cluttered world, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to connect with consumers beyond a digital relationship. To not just say things, but to do things.

A powerful trend is emerging in the digital age, brand experiences that come to life in the physical world.  Events engage all five senses and physically immerse consumers into the brand environment. It also aligns with millennials’ desire to accumulate experience more than things.  Integrated into broader communications initiatives, events allow for content and lead generation, real-time social media and long-term relationship marketing programs.

Connecting the event’s production and the communication surrounding it drives attendance, leverages the content created and enables on-going engagement after the event. But that doesn’t just happen, you need a well thought out and integrated plan.

Just as digital needs physical, clients need agencies that align digital and physical efforts for a seamless experience. The Nitrous Effect is a collective of 7 independent companies. Our unique approach brings together experts from multiple disciplines to craft integrated solutions that help align strategies, objectives and tactics that maximize results. Visit to find out more.