Liz Murnin |

It’s no surprise marketers have been making significant efforts to shift their focus to digital and social marketing. Why wouldn’t they? More than half of of all media dollars are spent online. The Internet and mobile devices offer consumers a diverse range of options. In a world cluttered with information, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to connect with consumers beyond a digital relationship.

Creating Effective Brand Experiences

A powerful trend is emerging in the digital age. Brand experiences are coming to life in the physical world. We are now able to create events that engage all five senses of attendees, physically and emotionally immersing them in the distinctive aura of a particular brand experience. This strategy also aligns with desire of millennials to participate and not simply consume experiences. When these strategies are integrated into general plans for developing events, they help to facilitate content and lead generation, engagement via social media, and long-term marketing material.

Connecting the development of an event with its communication strategies will drive attendance, leverage the content created and enable continuous engagement long after the event. This process doesn’t happen automatically. It requires the development of a thoughtful and well-integrated plan.

With a nearly 20-year career crossing corporate and agency development and management roles, Liz brings a holistic perspective, efficient process and creative acumen to each client relationship. She employs a multi-disciplinary approach to match best-in-class experiences with business objectives and has shared that solution with audiences across a wide variety of the biggest brands in the world.