Host: John Launius, Vice President, Vidzu Media

Guests: Fred Bendaña, SVP, Sales & Marketing, CPG

John Davis, Managing Partner, The Cramer Institute

Episode Description:

John Launius welcomes Fred Bendaña, SVP, Sales & Marketing at CPG and John Davis, Managing Partner at The Cramer Institute to the Nitrous Effect studio. As they introduce their partnership, you’ll learn how they’ve transformed Joseph Campbell’s 6 phases of the Hero’s Journey into an interactive, leadership workshop.

This experiential, leadership development solution incorporates live experiences and in-depth workshops to help challenge leaders to confront their role in instigating organizational transformation, innovation and culture change across their business and helps uncover the path that navigates them there.

Listen to learn more about the Heroic Journey Experience Experience and what it can do for both your leaders and your organization. Contact Fred at [email protected] to discuss how to take your business on a Heroic Journey.

Running Time: 21:42

In This Episode:

  • Introduction with John Launius
  • Intro to Fred Bendaña & John Davis
  • Bringing the Cramer Institute & CPG Together
  • Combining the Strengths of Both Companies
  • Defining the Heroic Journey
  • Experiences Involved in Reaching Leadership Objectives
  • The Balance of Known & Unknown
  • Changes Made Individually & Organizationally
  • Amplifying the Experience
  • Perspective on Transformation
  • Embracing Uncertainty for Meaningful Outcomes
  • How Do Organizations Get Involved?
  • Close & Thank You


To learn more about The Nitrous Effect, contact Ethan D’Arcy at [email protected] or check out our brand video here.