Host: John Launius, Vice President, Vidzu Media

Guest Co-Host: Josh Guffey, Producer, Vidzu Media

Guest: Gregory Sporleder, Actor, Writer & Director

Episode Description:

With the release of Vidzu Media’s all-new brand video, John Launius welcomes producer Josh Guffey to the Nitrous Effect studio as well as special guest and talent of the new brand video, actor Gregory Sporleder.

Throughout discussions of creativity, storytelling and the challenges that are involved in the process, we deep dive into Vidzu’s latest work as well as their collaborative team efforts to connect and inspire.

Watch the beautiful new brand video, “Explore What’s Possible,” to discover the power of creative storytelling.

NE Podcast 7 Group Pic Cropped

Running Time: 27:42

In This Episode:

  • Introduction with John Launius & Josh Guffey
  • Intro to Gregory Sporleder
  • Announcing Vidzu Media as a Creative Agency
  • The Process in Creating a New Brand Video
  • Telling the New Brand Story
  • Gregory’s Background in STL & LA
  • Team Collaboration to Create
  • Explore What’s Possible
  • Creators Coming Together
  • Bypassing Fear to Follow Bliss
  • Trusting Creative to Embrace Growth
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Connecting & Inspiring People
  • Close & Thank You
  • Special Post-Show Q&A

To learn more about The Nitrous Effect, check out our brand video or contact [email protected] for more information.