Host: John Launius, Vice President, Vidzu Media

Guest Co-Host: Meredith Goette, Sr. Director, Business Solutions, UPBrand Collaborative

Guests: Ken Olliff, VP for Research, St. Louis University

Jasmin Patel, AVP, Research Strategy, St. Louis University

Episode Description:NE Podcast SLU Research

John Launius welcomes back Meredith Goette, Sr. Director, Business Solutions at UPBrand Collaborative to the studio, along with special guests Ken Olliff and Jasmin Patel, of St. Louis University’s (SLU) Research division.

In our conversations with Jasmin and Ken, we learned about their research to find a Zika vaccine and their work with drones to assist with space missions. We even discuss a study focused on human happiness.

In addition to the team’s role, we also discover more of how research assists in the support of infrastructure, programs, seed funding and overall strategy for impact and innovation.

Listen to learn more about the impact of organized research on innovation, global solutions and growth.

Running Time: 21:01

In This Episode:

  • Introduction with John Launius & Meredith Goette
  • Intro to Ken Olliff & Jasmin Patel of St. Louis University Research
  • Full Research Team’s Move from Chicago to STL
  • Organizational Changes & Reinvention of SLU
  • Experience from University of Chicago
  • Creating an Environment that Enables Research
  • Unexpected Partnerships & Projects
  • Challenges of Engagement & Bringing People Together
  • Data-Driven Excellence & Success
  • How Discomfort & Ambiguity Spark Change
  • Pushing the Envelope as Newcomers
  • Hopes for the Future & the Impact of SLU Research
  • SLU Research as a Partner of the Community, Region & Beyond
  • Close & Thank You

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