Host: John Launius, Executive Director, Vidzu

Guest Co-Host: McKenzie Telthorst, VP, Brand Management, UPBrand

Guest Co-Host: Sidnee Schaefer, Senior Product Adoption Strategist, RevUnit

Guest: Dzana Homan, CEO, School of Rock

Podcast Episode 5: School of Rock

Episode Description:

John Launius welcomes McKenzie Telthorst, VP, Brand Management at UPBrand Collaborative and Sidnee Schaefer, Senior Product Adoption Strategist at RevUnit to the studio. With special guest Dzana Homan, CEO of School of Rock, discussions include the challenges of large organizations such as those in the franchise space as well as how strategic partnerships involving both creative and digital solutions stimulate growth, and ultimately, organizational success.

Running Time: 25:36


In This Episode:

  • Introduction with John Launius, McKenzie Telthorst & Sidnee Schaefer
  • Intro to Dzana Homan, CEO, School of Rock
  • School of Rock & Dzana’s Role as CEO of the Franchise
  • Challenges of Franchise Organizations
  • Telling Authentic Brand Stories via Strategic Partnerships
  • Consensus Building for Refreshing a Brand
  • The Importance of Integrity
  • Navigating the Complex Franchise System & Communication
  • School of Rock Growth & Results with The Nitrous Effect
  • Close & Thank You

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