Host: John Launius, Executive Director, Vidzu
Guest Co-Host: Meredith Goette, Sr. Director, Business Solutions, UPBrand
Guest: Missy Kelley, President & CEO, Downtown STL

Episode Description:NE Podcast 2 Group Photo

In this second episode of The Nitrous Effect podcast, Vidzu’s Executive Director and official podcast host, John Launius, welcomes back UPBrand’s Meredith Goette as guest co-host to discuss innovation and growth in the city of St. Louis with special guest, President & CEO of Downtown STL, Missy Kelley.

Running Time: 20:27

In This Episode:

  • Opening with John Launius & Meredith Goette
  • Introduction to Missy Kelley & Downtown STL
  • Growth in Downtown St. Louis
  • Downtown’s Innovation Community
  • Living & Working Downtown
  • Restaurants in Downtown STL
  • The Importance of Downtown to a City
  • Close & Thank You

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