NE_Centred_CMYKAs Editor of the Nitrous Effect Blog, I would like to welcome you to a platform for both innovative thought leadership and key industry insight.

The Nitrous Effect is a unique cross-company collaboration of senior specialists that solve complex brand challenges better and faster than traditional holding company and multi-agency models.

Our specialty agencies include:

  • CPG (Engagement, Meetings, Brand Experiences)
  • UPBrand Collaborative (Branding, Strategy, Advertising, Social/Digital)
  • Vidzu Media (Video, Motion, Storytelling)
  • Evntiv (Special Events, Grand Openings, Celebrity Talent, Entertainment)
  • RevUnit (User Experience, Software Development, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing)
  • RedPeg Marketing (Experiential Activation, Mobile Tours, Stunts)

In my role as Marketing Specialist for The Nitrous Effect, I have the pleasure and opportunity to interact with everyone in our family of agencies every day. This includes close communication with leadership from each agency. From my daily interaction with these agency leaders, it became clear that another channel is needed to provide more insight to the industry.

With the first official agency-authored blog post releasing next week, The Nitrous Effect Blog will be a place for inspiration and opportunity for learning, in addition to providing a first look at exclusive content.

With collaboration across all of our agencies, we will provide proprietary content and thought leadership to help organizations think differently to ignite their brand.

Stay tuned for the first blog post, written by Co-Founder & CEO of RevUnit, Joe Saumweber – coming soon!

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Thank you,
Amy LeFebvre